Miss Dee is a Spiritual mentor, mentor to psychic kids & adults, too!, a certified Esoteric astrologer, certified Esoteric Astrology instructor, published author, and the author of 11 books. Their titles are, The Yod, Your Special Life Purpose; Health, Astrology, and Spirituality; From Fire To Flight; The Best of Miss Dee; and the Warm Fuzzies series, a collection of seven day-books on the most popular subjects of our time including special life purposes and understanding and managing your psychic self.

Also the author of over 600 articles, Miss Dee invites you to visit her website to read about the wonders of co-creating, the accuracy of astrology, and give you an introduction into the world of having the psychic gift.

“Metaphysicians Gallery,” is a spirit-replenishing, soul-nourishing reprieve where self-empowering books and several types of astrological chart readings and spiritual mentoring services are available.

Miss Dee’s website address is http://www.metaphysicians-gallery.com and she welcomes correspondence at missdee001@centurylink.net.



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