Cherish yourself, nourish your soul, bless your gift…

 Did you know you are co-creating your life and the victories you are celebrating because of the way you think? 

   Did you know you may have more energy today or a quick temper because the moon is in Aries or weepy because the moon is in Pisces?  Here’s a tip:  open an IRA when the moon is in Taurus.  Want to learn more? 

   Are you psychic or intuitive and need help understanding and managing your gift?  Is your child psychic and frightened by what he or she sees, hears or feels? Being psychic isn’t a curse, though it may feel like it at times.  Yes you or your child can learn to manage and understand this gift.  I know because I’ve done it!  Please visit my page, Psychic Kids (and adults, too!) 

Miss Dee, Esoteric astrologer & instructor, spiritual and psychic gift mentor